Jorgensen Medium-Duty Steel Bar Clamps

These are ideal for all types of light-duty clamping and is a workhorse for its size and design. Used in hobby-craft, light-duty woodworking, home-shop and do-it-yourself projects. Protective pads made of thick, durable plastic. Clamps rest parallel on work surface for ease of work placement and adjustment.
As low as $9.35

Available In The Following Sizes:
6", 12", 18", 24", 30", 36", 48"

About Jorgensen Medium-Duty Steel Bar Clamps
These are out most popular medium-duty steel bar clamps - used by homecrafters, cabinet-makers, woodworkers and metalworkers. Style No. 3700, with a 2-1/2" reach, is a sliding-head design: the sliding head is threaded to accommodate the screw. All adjustments are made in the moveable sliding head, making this style fast-acting, easy to open and close and suitable for "close quarters" clamping. Strong, lightweight steel bars are rust-resistant. Multiple-Disc-Clutch holds securely at any point along the bar.

Reach - 2-1/2" from edge of bar to center-line of screw.
Bar - 1/4" X 3/4" plated, round-edge, high-carbon steel.
Casting - Malleable and/or ductile iron; powder coated orange finish.
Screw - 3/8" diameter cold-drawn steel with special, smoothly cut U.S.S. threads; handle - varnished hardwood with plated steel ferrule.
Clutch discs - Hardened, plated steel; two clutch discs and one clutch spring constitute the Multiple-Disc-Clutch.
Swivel - 3/4" diameter (#37); plated steel; ball-and-socket type.

More About Jorgensen (The Adjustable Clamp Company)
The Adjustable Clamp Company was incorporated in 1903, by Adele V Holman, to manufacture genuine Jorgensen Handscrews. Throughout the years each Holman has put his or her mark on the company. The Adjustable Clamp Company continues to manufacture tools only of the best quality and greatest value.

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